Saturday, 13 April 2013

Hypocrisy of the versed kind

Dear Kapil Sibal, 

I know you thought you were making all the right noises by reciting your poem about the Delhi bus gangrape victim at tonight’s Jashn-e-bahar mushaira at which you were chief guest. And I know you were there as a poet and not a government representative. But I find it difficult to understand how you can write poetry that asks why patriarchy exists and is allowed to exist when your government didn't even have the guts to back one Verma Committee report in entirety, a report that actually did more to attack the roots of the patriarchy you claim to abhor than your government has done in years. I fail to understand with what integrity you can lament the breakdown of communication and cite, as an example, how the protesters in December refused to talk to the government. When did they refuse? Do you mean when they heckled one politician who bothered to show up at a protest venue only after several days of complete silence from everyone in power? They were angry, but all they had wanted was for their government to talk to them. To be fair, you also expressed your sadness at the government's unwillingness to talk to the people. But aren’t you part of that government? If you wanted to talk to the people, or even just express your solidarity with them even if you couldn't make an official statement, what did you do to make that happen? Did you go to India Gate even once? And then, after an entire poem on women's rights, you end by asking men how, despite their role as protectors, they can do this to women, who are their mothers. Because THAT'S not patriarchal at all. 

So yes, you thought you were making all the right noises. But really, you just answered your own questions about why this happens.

A person (because all my other identities should be irrelevant to you).

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